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How to ride the bus

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  1. Appropriate fare payment including cash, tokens or passes, is expected at time of boarding.
  2. No smoking.
  3. No eating or drinking.
  4. No spitting.
  5. No possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances.
  6. No weapons of any kind, or possession of any hazardous material, unless in possession of a permit to do so, or otherwise permitted by law.
  7. No disorderly, loud or disruptive behavior.
  8. No loitering.  Passengers will be asked to exit the bus after completing the duration of one round trip.
  9. Use of sound-producing devices without headphones is prohibited.
  10. No panhandling, soliciting, harassing, annoying, or intimidating any person.
  11. Wearing of shirts and shoes is required.
  12. Animals are prohibited except those used for service or those being transported in enclosed crates.
  13. Large bulky items such as strollers, carts or buggies should be folded before boarding and stored out of the aisle.
  14. After exiting the bus, passengers should wait for the bus to pass before crossing the street.  Do not cross in front of the bus.
  15. Appropriate fare must be paid to ride, including cash, tokens or passes.
  16. Transfers should be requested when boarding and may be used at any bus stop.
  17. Transfers are valid for 60 minutes from the time shown, or for the next connecting bus and will not be accepted if they are folded, rolled or torn.

Some Metro Transit buses are equipped with video recording devices.  You may be recorded while traveling on this bus.