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Metro County Connect schedules pick-ups within a 30-minute pick-up window to allow for traffic and other possible delays.  Your vehicle will arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time and no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time.

For example, if you request a pick-up time of 8:00 a.m., your ride will arrive between 7:45 a.m. and 8:15 a.m.

The driver will wait for you for five minutes after the scheduled pick-up time and if you do not board the vehicle you will be recorded as a No Show.  You are not required to board the vehicle before your scheduled pick-up time, but please be ready to board 15 minutes prior if the vehicle does arrive early.

Note: The vehicle is not considered late until 15 minutes past your scheduled pick-up time.  Please do not call the scheduling office prior to this time.

You will be notified by Metro County Connect by telephone if the vehicle dispatched for your trip will arrive more than 15 minutes later than the scheduled pick-up time when your pick-up is from a residence with a current phone number.

You are considered a "No Show" if you are not at the scheduled pick-up location within five minutes after the reservation time.  You are also considered a "No Show" if you change your mind and "wave" away a driver who has arrived at the scheduled pick-up time and location.

You are allowed a total of three "No Shows" or "Late Cancellations" within a period of 60 consecutive days.  The fourth "No Show" or "Late Cancellation" within a 60-day period results in suspension of service for 14 days.  Written notification will be made on the third "No Show" and/or "Late Cancellation" occurrence.  A second notification will be given following the fourth "No Show" and/or "Late Cancellation" occurrence.  You will have 14 days to respond before service is suspended for 14 days.  Instructions for how to appeal a suspension will be included with this final notification.

Please be considerate of your fellow Metro County Connect passengers.  Every trip that is not cancelled takes away a potential trip from another passenger. When you make a reservation, keep a record of the scheduled trip in a location that is convenient for you.

Note: No Shows may be appealed by calling 337-8477.