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Fixed Route Bus Fares Effective January 4, 2010

Metro Transit Bus Fares

Adult $1.50
Senior, Disability, and Medicare Cash Fare
(Mero Transit ID required)

Low Income Fare with Bridge Card

(less than 48" tall)
Renewable Value Card
Initial purchase provides $30 in rides + $5 card fee


Renewable Value Card for Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities (with certification/ID) Add Value as Needed
Unlimited Monthly Pass  $60.00

Unlimited 9-Day Pass
(9 Days) Non-Transferrable

Tokens (effective 7/1/14) 14 for $20.00

Bulk Tokens
(250 or more)

$1.40 each

Transfers: Transfers are free and must be requested at the time you board the first bus. The transfer is valid for one (1) hours after receipt and should be given to the driver of the last bus you board.

Metro County Connect Fares

The fare for a one-way trip varies according to an individual's eligibiltiy.  The fares are:

$12.00--Cash Fare: The fare paid by an individual who is not registered as a senior or a passenger with a disabilty.

$14.00--Cash Subscription Fare:  The farepaid by an individual who is not registered as a senior or a passenger with a disabilty for a Subscription. Cash subscription fares must be pre-paid and are non-refundable.

$4.00--Reduced Fare Demand/Response Trip: The fare paid by a certified senior or individual with a disabilty for a demand/response trip.

$6.00--Demand/Response Subscrption Trip: The fare paid by an individual for a routine ride for a medical, employment or education trip. Demand/Response Subscription trips must be paid for in advance of the service dates.  Fares for Subscription trips are non-refundable when service is cancelled.

$3.00--Metro County Connect Access Fare: the fare paid by an individual certified as ADA eligible within the Metro County Connect Access service area.  Access subscription service fare is also $3.00.

$10.00--Child Fares: The fare paid by a child over 48 inches tall.  Child subscription trips are $12.00.  Children under 48 inches tall ride for free when accompanied by an adult.

Personal Care Attendants: Individuals requiring extra assistance may be certified to travel with a personal care attendant (PCA).  It is the passenger's responsibility to arrange for their own PCA. Passengers must let the scheduler know they will be traveling with a PCA when they schedule their ride.  Individuals may not be PCAs if they have any physical challenges preventing them from assisting the passenger.

Note: Personal Care Attendants must travel to and from the same schedule locations with the passenger.

Payment--One-way fare is expected at the time of boarding.  Exact change is required; drivers do not carry change. Transportation will not be provided without payment.  Payment can be made with cash, check or coupon.

Coupons--Metro County Connect and Access coupons may be purchased in advance for your convenience.  Purchase coupons by mail to: Kalamazoo Transportation Center (KTC) 459 N. Burdick St., Kalamazoo, MI 49007; by telephone with a credit card at 337-8201; or in person at the KTC between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.